Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Patient's Patience

Ireland’s culture came back.  It is the same bug she had on the last culture in November.  It would appear to me the antibiotics are not killing it completely.  They are using antibiotics that the culture shows should get it.  This is a new situation for us, in 8 years we have never had this problem.   Yesterday, Ireland started her third antibiotic in a month.  Hopefully this time it will work.  I decided I need to call Dr W’s (our pediatric urologist) office, because this seems abnormal to me.  Dr W’s office was helpful as usual!  It was nice to talk to someone who I felt like they know what they are talking about.  Dealing with our PCP office's medical assistants can be a trial of my patience.  No disrespect intended here, but they are usually young ladies in what seems to be their late teens or early twenties.  Sometimes I am biting my tongue to not say, “Girlie you don’t know what you are talking about.”  Last week the medical assistant told me that most UTI’s are e-coli, which I already know.  But, we are talking about Ireland, not the general population.  She has neurogenic bladder and catheterizes.  The pediatric nurse I talked to yesterday is aware of this- she told me spina bifida kids can get bad bugs.  I told her the bug Ireland has (and it's not e-coli), she said, “Yes that is a bad one.”  She recommended we make an appointment with Dr W and have a test (I can't remember the name of) done to make sure Ireland is emptying her bladder adequately while cathing.   Ireland is due for a CMG, and I made her aware of this.  She told me that would actually be a better way to go (the CMG can look for other things that might be going on).   I will make an appointment with Spina Bifida Clinic next week.         

Yesterday, Ed and I visited our friend with a brain tumor.  She just found out about her brain tumor three weeks ago.  She told us of one of her frustrating experiences with the medical field that she had encountered this week.  I looked at her and said, “Now you know why I have no patience!  Dealing with the medical field for eight years has done this to me!”  She laughed, and said, “Now I know where you get your patience…”

Venting- patience's best friend!

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  1. I have a spinal cord injury and also have been having 'issues' with UTI's. I have lost count of the number of 'different' UTI's I've had in the past year. My urologist and I have a feeling they are not different UTI's at all. we have a hunch that the antibiotics that I take start to treat the infection, but I am either not taking them long enough, or the infection mutates into something the drugs can't treat.

    The most important thing you can do (obviously besides being as clean as possible when cathing) is to make sure to get a urine sample as soon as the antibiotics are done to make sure the infection is in fact gone. I'm not sure if younger girls can get yeast infections, but I have been in this horrible cycle lately where I get rid of a UTI and almost immediately after the antibiotics are finished I get a yeast infection, then another UTI and the whole process starts all over again...

    Hopefully Ireland's feeling a lot better by now!