Friday, March 2, 2012

"Where are You From?"

A question I have been given often over the years is ‘Where are you from?’  When I arrived at work last night, the new girls in my office said, “Here she is, the girl from Germany”.  I asked, “Is it my accent?”  They smiled and nodded, “Yes”.   In my room were sitting four teenage boys.  They thought (due to my accent) I was from Germany.   While laughing, I told them, “I am not from Germany”.  “Then, where are you from?” asks one of the young men.  “I am from ____, Utah”.  All four of the young men at once say “That is where we are from?!”  

It is amusing to me.  I have lived in ____, Utah all of my life.   Yet, I am constantly asked ‘where I am from’ by people who are from and live in the same area I am from.   This accent is all over the globe.  This was a first for Germany.  Kennedy had a boyfriend a few years ago who could not get it out of his head that I was not from Denmark.  Another young man from school thought I was from Ireland.  He would always greet me with “They’re magically delicious” (from the Lucky Charms Leprechaun).  After giving directions to the school (on the phone) to a parent one night, they finally found their way in.  To their surprise I was not Polynesian as they thought from my accent!  I must have a great Polynesian accent, because they were Polynesian and thought we had something in common! 

Last year a student was trying to convince his girlfriend (and me) that I was from Minnesota.  He had me say “Costco” a few times to prove I was from Minnesota.  I guess it was all in the ‘o’ at the end.  His mom was from Minnesota and he could recognize the Minnesotan in me.  Only thing is, I have never been to Minnesota.  

 Ed should be the one with an accent.   He was a navy brat and lived all over the country.  He also served an LDS mission and lived two years in Argentina.  But, I guess he has picked up the Utahn dialect (in just a few short years) better than his wife who was born and raised here.  
Kennedy gets in disagreements quite often with her friends on the subject of my accent.  She recently received a text saying , ‘I don’t mean to be rude, but where is your mom from?” 
I am not from any place cool- just ____, Utah.   But I guess I do have a major rockin’ accent!

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