Saturday, January 7, 2012

Work and Some Play

Ireland had her appointment with her orthopedic and orthotist on Wednesday.  As always, I am confused after leaving the appointment.  Of all the concerns with spina bifida, orthopedic issues are the ones I have the most trouble understanding.  We went to our appointment with a letter from Ireland’s PT, Barbara, with her concerns and recommendations.  Ireland’s walk was better when she used twister cables, they helped to control her internal rotation.  Ireland stopped using them after her ankle surgeries last year.  The belt to the twisters also conflicted with her abdominal surgery sites.  I know Barbara would like to see her go back to them, for at least a little while to retrain her walk.  Two orthopedics and two orthotists watched Ireland walk on Wednesday.  I am so lost as they brainstorm on the best approach.   Barbara had recommended the ultra flex dynamic brace.  It does not seem like the orthotist agrees with this choice.   He is going to make a brace he feels will help.  If it does not work after a few weeks of trial, he will then try the ultra flex.   This proves how lost I am on orthopedic aspects- I have been worried about Ireland’s knee (to me this is the area that appears to have stress).  Actually, her knee is stable and strong, the orthopedic is worried about her ankle.   He reminded me of a few years ago that before her ankle surgery he had told me they might have to get more aggressive later on.   I know we would like to keep Ireland walking.  It gives her more options, and I am sure builds strength.
Not exact, but an example
On a lighter note, Disneyland Kinect is a hit with our younger kids (Kennedy is to cool).  We’ve discovered it is disability friendly for the most part.  Ireland will sit in our computer chair to play Kinect games.  At times her avatar’s foot will migrate up like she is kicking in the game (because she is sitting not standing).   Since she is sitting, the game also registers her in a crouch mode for the ‘sword fight with Captain Hook’ and ‘snowball fight with the abominable snowman’.   This is a little frustrating to her but she does not complain.  For the most part the Kinect  is upper body friendly.  We had many reservations about getting the Kinect last year, mostly because we didn’t want to spend money on something that would introduce more disappointment and frustration in her life than something fun.  It has proven to be more the other way around, by far.  There’s some exercise and hand-eye coordination in the mix, too.  Yes, there are some Kinect games that simply just won’t work, but most have proven themselves playable so far.